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How Does Actualtests Juniper JN0-102 practice question Work?

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New Juniper JN0-102 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 – Question 15)

New Questions 6

Which keystroke combination allows users to move the cursor to the beginning of the command line without deleting text?

A. Ctrl + w

B. Ctrl + a

C. Ctrl + b

D. Ctrl + u

Answer: B

New Questions 7

What is the default route preference value for EBGP?

A. 20

B. 100

C. 170

D. 200

Answer: C

New Questions 8

Which statement is true regarding the Network Time Protocol (NTP) on Junos devices?

A. MD5 authentication is supported by the Junos OS.

B. Server mode is not supported by the Junos OS.

C. The Junos OS can provide a primary time reference.

D. The Junos OS does not support the use of a boot server.

Answer: A

New Questions 9

A packet is evaluated against three user-defined terms within a firewall filter and no match is found.

What correctly describes the action the firewall filter will take for this packet?

A. The filter will permit the packet and take no additional action.

B. The filter will reject the packet and send an ICMP message back to the sender.

C. The filter will discard the packet and take no additional action.

D. The filter will permit the packet and write a log entry to the firewall log.

Answer: C

New Questions 10

What is the default protocol preference for OSPF internal routes?

A. 10

B. 15

C. 150

D. 160

Answer: A

New Questions 11

Which two can be used to create and apply an export policy that advertises static routes to RIP neighbors? (Choose two.)

A. set protocols rip export demo

B. edit policy-options policy-statement demoset term 1 from protocol staticset term 1 then accept

C. edit policy-options policy-statement demoset term 1 from protocol static accept

D. set protocols rip group internal export demo

Answer: A,D

New Questions 12

Which statement is correct about logical units on Juniper Router interfaces?

A. Logical units are used only when a Layer 2 identifier is present such as a VLAN.

B. A logical unit of 0 is required when using a frame-relay DLCI.

C. A logical unit is always required.

D. Logical units are not required unless ATM or 802.1Q VLAN tagging is configured.

Answer: C


Many router vendors refer to a logical unit as a subinterface; they do not require a subinterface on every physical interface, whereas a Juniper Networks router does.

Note: All router interfaces that will send and receive transit traffic require a logical unit to be configured. This logical unit creates a division of the physical interface into multiple parts.


New Questions 13

You have configured logging to the console port but are uncertain of the impact to the device with troubleshooting.

In this scenario, which command would allow you to minimize the impact?

A. set system syslog console any none

B. set system syslog log-rotate-frequency 15

C. commit confirmed 1 comment troubleshoot

D. commit synchronize comment troubleshoot

Answer: A

New Questions 14

You issue the ping interface t1-1/1/0 bypass-routing count 1000 rapid command. Which statement is correct?

A. The count parameter creates a counter that you can view with the show firewall command.

B. The count parameter allows the router to count the number of pings for logging purposes.

C. The count parameter allows the router to pause for 1000 seconds before sending out a ping.

D. The count parameter allows the router to send out 1000 pings and then stop.

Answer: D

New Questions 15

By default, which two statements are true about export routing policies? (Choose two.)

A. Export policies can evaluate only active routes.

B. Export policies can evaluate all routes.

C. Export policies can be applied to the forwarding table.

D. Export policies can be applied directly to interfaces

Answer: A,C

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