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[Improve] 400 101 ccie

Actualtests offers free demo for ccie 400 101 exam. “CCIE Routing and Switching (v5.0)”, also known as ccie 400 101 dumps exam, is a Cisco Certification. This set of posts, Passing the Cisco passleader 400 101 exam, will help you answer those questions. The ccie 400 101 dumps Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real Cisco ccie 400 101 dumps exams and revised by experts!


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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 – Question 17)

New Questions 8

Which three security controls would you take into consideration when implementing IoT capabilities? (Choose


A. Implementing Intrusion Detection Systems on IoT devices

B. Change passwords every 90 days

C. Privacy Impact Assessment

D. Define lifecycle controls for IoT devices

E. Layered Security Approach

F. Place security above functionality

Answer: C,D,E

New Questions 9

Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the output is true?

A. The overload bit is set by R4 for IPv4 and IPv6

B. The overload bit is not set for any topology under router IS-IS on R4

C. The overload bit is set by R4 for IPv6 only

D. The overload bit is not set for any topology under router IS-IS on R5

E. The overload bit is set by R5 for IPv6 only

F. The overload bit is set by R5 for IPv4 and IPv6

Answer: C

New Questions 10

Which two protocols are used by the management plane? Choose two?

A. Telnet






Answer: A,F

New Questions 11

Which statement about Cisco StackWise technology is true?

A. Every switch in a stack has its own independent and uncoordinated configuration file

B. All switches in a stack share configuration and routing information to behave as a single unit

C. Removing switches can affect stack performance

D. Only the master switch acts as a forwarding processor

Answer: B

New Questions 12

Refer to the exhibit. Which two effects of this configuration are true?(choose two)

A. The priority queue is disabled

B. Queue 1 is allocated 4 percent of the availabel bandwdith and queue 2 is allocated 2 percent of the available bandwidth

C. Queue 1 is a priority queue that is allocated 1/3 of theailable bandwidth

D. Queue 1 is served twice as fast as queue 2

E. Queue 1 is .a priority queue that is allocated 2/3 of the available bandwidth

F. Queue 2 is served twice as fast as queue 1

Answer: A,D

New Questions 13

how does control plane policing protect the route processor?

A. It treats the route processor as a separate entity within MQC

B. It disables access to the control plane during an attack

C. It dynamically enables ingress ACLs on selected interfaces

D. It marks non-essential traffic and moves it to the Scavenger class

Answer: C

New Questions 14

What are two of the commands that you can enter to gracefully shut down OSPF and notify neighbors?(Choose two)

A. router(config-router)#shutdown

B. router(config-router)#graceful shutdown

C. router(config)#ip notify

D. router(config-if)#ip ospf shutdown

E. router(config-if)#ip ospf graceful shutdown

Answer: A,D

New Questions 15

What is the minimum link MTU value for IPv6?

A. 68 bytes

B. 1280 bytes

C. 1200 bytes

D. 1500 bytes

Answer: B

New Questions 16

Refer to :

Which statement is true about a valid IPv6 address that can be configured on tunnel interface0?

A. 2001:7DCB:5901::/128 is a valid IPv6 address

B. There is not enough information to calculate the IPv6 address

C. 6to4 tunneling allows you to use any IPv6 address

D. 2002:7DCB:5901::/128 is a valid IPv6 address

Answer: D

New Questions 17

For which reason car two OSPF neighbor routers on the same LAN segment be stuck in the two-way state?

A. The two routers have different MTUs on the interface.

B. The two routers are configured with different priorities.

C. The interface priority is set to zero on both routers.

D. Both routers have the same OSPF router ID. Correct

Answer: C

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