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Tips to Pass 1Z0-447 Exam (4 to 13)

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New Oracle 1Z0-447 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 – Question 13)

Q1. Which three are required to correctly configure an OGG?

A. A maximum file size

B. An extract process

C. A trail file identifier

D. Designation as local or remote

Answer: BCD

Q2. How can you tell if GoldenGate has been configured for batch processing?

A. TheSPECIALRUNparameter is in the Replicat parameter file.

B. Replicat is started with theINITIALLOADtask.

C. There is a dedicated GoldenGate process calledSPECIALRUN.

D. TheSPECIALRUNparameter is in theGLOBALSparameter file.

Answer: B

Q3. If multiple GoldenGate processes are accessing a set of trail files, which process should include the PURGEOLDEXTRACTS parameter to trigger trail file clean-up?

A. Manager

B. Replicat

C. Extract

D. Extract and Replicat

Answer: A

Q4. What is the default format for a GoldenGate trail?


B. INPUT ASCII: from 1to 127 representing ASCII characters

C. SQL: SQL statements

D. CDF: Canonical Data format

E. XML: XML statement

Answer: A

Q5. What is the default threshold for message compression in OGG?

A. 1000

B. 100

C. O

D. By default, messages are not compressed.

Answer: A

Q6. You have an issue where all threads are waiting for a specific transaction to be executed first. What is this issue related to?

A. It is caused byTHREAD and THREADRANGEbeing used with wildcard MAP statements.

B. It is caused by the thread with the highest thread ID applying barrier transactions.

C. It is caused by the use of theMAXTRANSOPSparameter.

D. It is caused by barrier transactions in a Coordinated Replicat.

Answer: D

Q7. When would you use the PASSTHRU parameter?

A. When using a data pump to distribute all of the trail data "as is" to a remote system.

B. When Extract is processing database transaction logs where you have a remote database connection.

C. For a SPECIALRUN one-time processing task that is doing an initial load.

D. When Extract is processing database transaction logs and writing to a local trial that will be read by a local Replicat.

Answer: A

Q8. Which statement regarding the GoldenGate Data Pump is incorrect?

A. Data Pump is a separate process.

B. Data Pump can be used to pump trail records to multiple locations.

C. Data Pump has distance limitations.

D. Data Pump uses TCP/IP to route the trail records.

Answer: A

Q9. Which parameter for GoldenGate 12c enables DDL replication for a Replicat?



C. DDL for Replicat is enabled by default.


Answer: C

Q10. Which option is supported by GoldenGate DDL replication?





Answer: D

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