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New Cisco 200-125 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 11 – Question 20)

New Questions 11

Under normal operations, cisco recommends that you configure switch ports on which vlan ?

A. on the default vlan

B. on the management vlan

C. on the native vlan

D. on any vlan except the default vlan

Answer: D


/Reference: 185.html

New Questions 12

Which Two options are features of the extended ping command ?

A. it can send packets from a specified interface or ip address

B. it can resolve the destination host name

C. it can ping multiple hosts at the same time

D. it can count the number of hops to the remote host

E. it can send a specified number of packets

Answer: A,E

New Questions 13

refer to the exhibit:

what is the metric for the router from R1 to ?

A. 2

B. 90

C. 110

D. 52778

Answer: D

New Questions 14

What is true about Cisco Discovery Protocol ?

A. it discovers the routers, switches and gateways.

B. it is network layer protocol

C. it is physical and data link layer protocol

D. it is Cisco proprietary protocol

Answer: D

New Questions 15

Which type of MAC address is aged automatically by the switch?

A. automatic

B. manual

C. dynamic

D. static

Answer: C

New Questions 16

How does a router handle an incoming packet whose destination network is missing from the routing table?

A. it discards the packet.

B. it broadcasts the packet to each network on the router.

C. it routes the packet to the default route.

D. it broadcasts the packet to each interface on the router.

Answer: A

New Questions 17

Under which two circumstances is network traffic most likely to use an Exterior Gateway Routing Protocol? (Choose two)

A. When an employee connects to an employer branch office in a different city.

B. When network traffic is routing to a different building on a corporate campus.

C. When an employee is browsing the public internet.

D. When an employee checks email while working onsite at the data center.

E. When a user browsing the web site of a business partner.

Answer: A,D

New Questions 18

which six-byte field in a basic ethernet frame must be an individual address ?





Answer: C

New Questions 19

While troubleshooting a DCHP client that is behaving erratically, you discover that the client has been

assigned the same IP address as a printer that is a staticIP address. Which option is the best way to

resolve the problem?

A. Configure static route to the client.

B. Assign the client the same IP address as the router.

C. Move the client to another IP subnet

D. Move the printer to another IP subnet.

E. Reserve the printer IP address.

Answer: E

New Questions 20

When troubleshooting ethernet connectivity issues how can you verify that an ip address is known to a router?

A. Check Whether the ip address is in the routing table

B. Check Whether an ACL is blocking the ip address

C. Check Whether the ip address is in the CAM Table

D. Check Whether the ip address is in the ARP Table

Answer: D

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