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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 15 – Question 23)

Q15. For a GRE tunnel to be up between two routers, which of the following must be configured?

A. Loopback Interface

B. IP reachability between the loopback interfaces

C. Dynamic Routing between routers.

D. Tunnel interfaces must be in the same subnet.

Answer: D

Q16. Which two attributes describe UDP within a TCP/IP network? (Choose two.)

A. Acknowledgments

B. Unreliable delivery

C. Connectionless communication

D. Connection-oriented communication

E. Increased headers

Answer: B,C

Q17. A network engineer executes the show ip sla statistics command. What does the output of this command show?

A. Operation availability

B. device CPU utilization

C. interface packet statistics.

D. packet sequencing

Answer: A

Q18. What does the command clear ipv6 ospf process accomplish?

A. The OSPF adjacencies are cleared and initiated again.

B. The route table is cleared. Then the OSPF neighbors are reformed.

C. The shortest path first (SPF) algorithm is performed on the LSA database.

D. The OSPF database is repopulated. Then the shortest path first (SPF) algorithm is performed.

Answer: D


The command u201cclear ipv6 ospfu201d will clear the present routing table and force the OSPFv3 process to build a new one. This command is often used when something in the network was changed or for debugging purpose.

When the u201cprocessu201d keyword is added, which means u201cclear ipv6 ospf processu201d, the OSPF database is cleared and repopulated then the SPF algorithm is performed.

Q19. Refer to the exhibit.

Which command allows hosts that are connected to FastEthernet0/2 to access the Internet?

A. ip nat inside source list 10 interface FastEthernet0/1 overload

B. ip nat outside source static overload

C. ip nat inside source list 10 interface FastEthernet0/2 overload

D. ip nat outside source list 10 interface FastEthernet0/2 overload

Answer: A

Q20. What is EIGRP Summary Route Administrative Distance?

A. 90

B. 170

C. 5

D. 110

Answer: C

Q21. Refer to the exhibit.

Which technology can be employed to automatically detect a WAN primary link failure and failover to the secondary link?




D. multicast

Answer: C

Q22. Which two options are causes of out-of-order packets? (Choose two.)

A. a routing loop

B. a router in the packet flow path that is intermittently dropping packets

C. high latency

D. packets in a flow traversing multiple paths through the network.

E. some packets in a flow being process-switched and others being interrupt-switched on a transit Router.

Answer: D,E

Q23. What are the four main steps in configuring a GRE tunnel over IPsec on Cisco routers? (Choose Four)

A. Configure a physical interface or create a loopback interface to use as the tunnel endpoint.

B. Create the GRE tunnel interfaces.

C. Add the tunnel interfaces to the routing process so that it exchanages routing updates across that interface.

D. Add the tunnel subnet to the routing process so that it exchanages routing updates across that interface.

E. Add all subnets to the crypto access-list, so that IPsec encrypts the GRE tunnel traffic.

F. Add GRE traffic to the crypto access-list, so that IPsec encrypts the GRE tunnel traffic.

Answer: A,B,D,F

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